Who is Dramatherapy for?

Anyone can benefit from dramatherapy. We all have scripts about how our lives are and the ways we deal with any given situation. My job is not to offer the answers or an alternative script, but to meet you wherever you are in your life, and accompany you through a safe exploration of alternative ways of being in the world.

Starting therapy of any kind can be a very daunting prospect, the good news is you are not alone in thinking that! Adding ‘drama’ to the title may make it seem even more daunting.

I work with Dramatherapy as opposed to other types of therapy as I believe that for most of us there are parts of ourselves we may not be able to access or fully understand using conventional means of communication, i.e. talking.

The theatrical forms (music, dance, drama, art) are ancient traditions which help us to place ourselves within a wider context, whilst allowing space for you to explore what it means to be you. That is not something which only takes place in your head. We hold a lot of concealed information in our bodies, in the way we play out relationships, in our default reactions towards ourselves and all the non-verbal communication with others.

I am speaking of those who cannot tolerate the loss of myth and who can neither find a way to a merely exterior world, to the world as seen by science, nor rest satisfied with an intellectual juggling with words,which has nothing whatsoever to do with wisdom

Jung: Dreams, Reflections (Fontana Press, 1995)

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